Robots To The Rescue For Dining And More

Help you staff walk less, lift less and earn more. Servi pitches in so you can go above and beyond.

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Bear Robotics - 2nd Gen Penny

Meet Your New Robot Employee!

Immediate Payback!

Labor Hours, Payroll Taxes, Issues Reduced
Lower Turnover & Training Costs
Runs 12 Hours/Day X 7 Days/Week, Weekends
$999 monthly fee for Servi equates to $2.75 cost per hour
Servi Increases Traffic to Your Restaurant
NSF Certified (National Sanitation Foundation)

Server Benefits

Server's Morale is better, because they EARN More $$.
Customer Interaction is Better
Fewer Trips to Kitchen
Don't Carry Heavy Trays
Upselling/Increasing Tips
More Tables within Stations

Leasing Benefits

All maintenance included
Full manufacturer support
Ability to upgrade in future
No purchase obsolescence issues
There are 5,000 Servi robots in use in the US which keeps leasing costs lower.
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